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Tenant Policies

Insurance, Roommates, and Military Support

At Harcourts Peninsula Properties, our commitment to tenant welfare and legal compliance shapes our approach to property management. This page outlines essential policies on renters' insurance, roommate agreements, and support for military tenants, ensuring clarity and security for all parties involved.

Faqs About Renters Insurance

Roommates Overview

Joint and Several Liability: All roommates share responsibility for rent and utilities. Any failure in payment or lease violation by one affects all, emphasizing the importance of mutual accountability.

Lease vs. Roommate Agreement: While leases are legal contracts with Harcourts Peninsula Properties, roommate agreements are internal contracts among tenants, not involving the landlord.

Tenant Removal and Substitute Tenants: Changes in tenancy require agreement from all lease parties and Harcourts Peninsula Properties, following a formal process outlined on our website.

Mediation and Resolution: Harcourts Peninsula Properties does not mediate roommate disputes. Tenants are encouraged to seek external legal advice for resolutions.

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Supporting Our Military Tenants

The Military Clause & SCRA Compliance: We honor our military tenants through the inclusion of a military clause, aligning with the SCRA and Washington's RCW 59.18.220. This ensures servicemembers can terminate leases early under specific conditions without penalty, acknowledging their service and providing necessary flexibility.

Legal and Financial Protections: The SCRA offers broad protections, including against eviction without a court order and penalties for lease termination under qualifying circumstances. RCW 59.18.220 further details lease termination rights for military members in Washington State.

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Understanding Renters Liability & Personal Insurance

Why It's Essential: Renters insurance is a cornerstone of tenant protection, covering personal property, legal liability, and additional living expenses. It safeguards tenants against unforeseen costs and offers landlords peace of mind regarding potential liabilities.

Benefits for Tenants: This insurance provides comprehensive coverage for personal belongings, personal liability, and temporary housing, all at an affordable cost. It's a critical tool for financial well-being and peace of mind.

How to Get Renters Insurance: Start by evaluating your coverage needs, comparing quotes, understanding your policy, and applying online. It's a straightforward process that yields significant benefits.

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FAQs About Renters Insurance

Note: This summary does not constitute legal advice. Tenants should consult legal counsel for detailed guidance on their rights and obligations under these policies, the lease, Washington's Residential Landlord Tenant Act, and other applicable regulations.