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Welcome to Our Housing Legislation Update Center

Stay Informed with the Latest Housing Legislation Updates

Harcourts Peninsula Properties is dedicated to keeping our clients and residents informed about important legislative developments in Washington State's housing sector. This resource provides summaries of recent legislation that impacts housing policies, tenant rights, and property management operations. The Washington State Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, which sets comprehensive guidelines for landlord and tenant relations, has seen several updates. For detailed information and the latest legislative changes, please refer to the official Washington State Legislature website.

Just Cause Evictions – HB 1236

Overview: HB 1236 introduces specific criteria for just cause evictions, distinguishing between types of leases and detailing permissible reasons for tenancy termination.

Impact: This change requires landlords to closely review and possibly modify lease agreements and eviction processes to comply with the new just cause requirements.

VAWA's Protections and Coverage

Overview: The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) offers housing protections for individuals in various HUD-funded programs, covering public housing, voucher programs, and more. VAWA ensures rights for tenants to report crimes and emergencies without fear, extending protections to a broad array of housing programs.

Impact: This legislation reinforces the safety net for residents in federally assisted housing, emphasizing the importance of understanding tenant rights and program requirements for property managers and landlords in HUD-funded housing.

HB 1074: Security Deposit Regulations

Summary: This bill specifies conditions under which a landlord can withhold a security deposit, focusing on normal wear and tear versus damage resulting from tenant negligence.

Impact: Property managers must adjust their practices for handling security deposits, ensuring transparent documentation and adherence to the new definitions and restrictions.

HB 2270: Creating a Washington State Department of Housing

Summary: HB 2270 addresses the housing and homelessness crisis by establishing a dedicated Department of Housing. This new department aims to centralize and enhance efforts to increase housing supply, manage development, and provide support across the state.

Impact: For property owners and managers, this bill signifies a shift towards a more coordinated and comprehensive approach to housing issues, with potential new resources and guidelines to navigate.

Staying Informed

As housing laws evolve, staying informed is crucial for effective property management and legal compliance. We recommend consulting with legal professionals for detailed advice and implications of these legislative changes on your properties.

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