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Pet Policy

Creating a Pawsitively Welcoming Community

At Harcourts Peninsula Properties, we understand that pets are an integral part of many families. We strive to accommodate pet owners while ensuring a comfortable living environment for all our residents. Below are the details of our pet policy, designed to meet the needs of our pet-owning tenants while maintaining the quality and integrity of our properties.

Assistive Animals:

Qualified Assistive Animals are not considered pets but require proper documentation as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and HUD Guidelines. These animals are exempt from the above criteria but must be verified through the screening process.

How to Complete Your Animal Profile:

1. Visit the Screening portal: All applicants and renewing leases, regardless of pet ownership, are required to complete an animal profile.

2. First time Applicants/Residents Use the QR Code or this site link

  • Create an account using the email you will be using with property management
  • Create your password
  • Verify security code sent to the email you are using
  • Enter phone number and agree to texts with updates on your account

Renewing Residents: login into your account and complete and updated profile

3. Complete Profile

  • Choose address from drop down
  • Add your expected move in Date ( it will auto populate and end date for 1 year)
  • Click Next

4. Answer pet related questions

Person using the laptop with her dog besides her

Why Screen Pets and Assistance Animals?

  • Ensure Safety: By understanding the needs and behaviors of animals in our properties, we can create a safer environment for everyone.
  • Meet Owner Criteria: We respect the preferences and requirements of property owners while striving to accommodate the needs of all residents.
  • Comply with Legal Standards: Our process is designed to comply with ADA and HUD guidelines, ensuring fair treatment for all applicants.

Our Pet Policy

  • Negotiability

    Pet-Friendly Options: The acceptance of pets is negotiable and subject to the property owner's specific criteria. We aim to accommodate pet owners wherever possible, offering options that meet both the needs of pets and property requirements.

  • Maximum Number of Animals

    Limit: Up to 2 animals are allowed per unit, ensuring a comfortable living space for everyone.

  • Weight Limit

    Size Matters: Each animal must weigh 25 lbs. or less, promoting a safe and manageable environment for all residents.

  • Age Requirement

    Maturity: Animals must be at least 1 year old, ensuring they are mature enough to adapt to a rental living situation.

  • Shots and Vaccinations

    Health: Proof of required shots and vaccinations is mandatory, supporting the well-being of both your pet and the community.

  • Spayed/Neutered

    Responsible Pet Ownership: Pets must be spayed or neutered, with proof provided. This policy promotes responsible pet ownership and behavior.

  • Paw Rating

    Behavior: A minimum of a 3 Paw rating is required, demonstrating your pet's good behavior and compatibility with apartment living.

  • Breed Restrictions

    Inclusivity with Caution: There are no additional breed restrictions beyond those that might be outlined by a landlord's insurance policy. We believe in responsible pet ownership and do not discriminate based on breed alone.

  • Additional Notes

    Insurance Requirements: Some properties may have specific insurance-related breed restrictions. We advise pet owners to check with us directly for any property-specific guidelines.

  • Pet Insurance Requirement

    To further protect our community and minimize potential risks associated with pets, we require all pet owners to carry a specific Pet Insurance policy:

    Liability Coverage: A minimum liability coverage of $250,000 is required to cover any damage and/or injury caused by the pet.

    Policy Duration: The insurance policy must remain active throughout the term of tenancy.

    Non-Compliance: Failure to maintain an active pet insurance policy will result in the immediate removal of the pet(s) from the property.

  • Why Require Pet Insurance?

    Pet insurance ensures that both property owners and tenants are protected from the financial risks of unexpected damages or injuries caused by pets. It reflects responsible pet ownership and contributes to a safer living environment for everyone.

  • How to Obtain Pet Insurance

    Pet insurance can be acquired from various providers. When selecting a policy, ensure that it meets the minimum liability coverage required and covers your pet adequately. Upon securing a policy, please provide a copy to the property management to confirm compliance with our pet policy.

  • Commitment to Pet-Friendly Living

    We are committed to providing pet-friendly living options wherever possible. We understand the importance of pets in many people's lives and strive to accommodate them within the parameters that ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of all our residents. If you have any questions about our pet policy or need assistance finding a pet-friendly rental, please contact us.