What Makes Us Unique.

About Harcourts Peninsula Properties

Let’s face it– no one is good at everything! We have acknowledged this fact and discovered that on our own we may not be perfect, but together our individual talents and strengths make up one great property management force!

Purpose / Mission Statement

Easy Living


United to Empower Easy Living

Core Values



Honesty / Integrity



Meet the Team

Toni Kohler

Toni Kohler

Leasing Agent

(360) 307-8114 ext 525

Toni has over 30 years of experience in Property Management. She is committed to providing the highest quality customer service to those who seek an apartment or a home. She has a sweet, yet vivacious personality. Her main focus is ensuring that rental units are continuously filled with tenants and that the clients are satisfied with her services. Toni loves meeting and talking with people; she caters to each client's different needs and takes the time to understand their requirements for finding the perfect home. She helps ensure the rental units are cleaned, repaired and ready to welcome their new tenants. Toni is an incredibly caring and generous person who believes in helping communities, especially making sure no family is left homeless.

Debbie Stiglich

Debbie Stiglich

Assistant Property Manager

360-307-8114 ext 529

Debbie is an accomplished professional with more than five years of experience in customer service. She has an innate ability to build positive, trusting relationships with customers, allowing her to gain their trust and confidence. She's an excellent communicator and quickly solves customer problems with her attention to detail, critical thinking and organizational skills. Debbie demonstrates impressive problem-solving and relationship-building skills, which have helped her excel in the property management industry. She has a unique ability to evaluate complex situations and identify creative solutions to maximize opportunities. Her well-developed time-management skills allow her to respond to customer problems and requests quickly and efficiently. Debbie views her career in the real estate sector with great enthusiasm and continuously looks for new opportunities to excel.

Brookelyn Turner

Brookelyn Turner

Licensed Property Manager

360-307-8114 ext. 533

Brookelyn has been around the real estate and property management business since she was teenager, starting out as an after-school assistant, then office receptionist and working her way up to a Licensed Real Estate Broker. She is a marketing guru, a creative thinker, and a go-to person for the tech-inclined. That expertise and her customer service experience has enabled her to understand the specific needs of each individual client. This knowledge enables Brookelyn to provide a high level of service, ensuring that our clients are satisfied. She is trustworthy, reliable, and extremely organized. Her technical know-how and creative approach to problem-solving are a much needed asset. Brookelyn’s commitment to service and skills in mediation are much appreciated by all.

Krista Wheeler

Krista Wheeler

Utility Manager


Krista works behind the scenes to ensure your investment property remains free of liens by keeping constant records of utility payments. She also conducts monthly market analysis to verify you are receiving the highest possible return rate during marketing, lease signing, and lease renewal.

George Catron

George Catron

Multi-Unit Maintenance


As a general contractor George has an entire foundation of knowledge, experience, and established business relationships within the community. This ensures the most effective completion of work to ease the burden of owning & maintaining rental properties. His goal is to partner with owners to create a game plan to enhance their investments by handling day-to-day repairs and maintenance, renovations, plus handling late-night emergency calls and urgent repair needs with the help of local vendors.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Designated Broker, Manager

(360) 307-8114 ext 527

As the Manager, Lisa is responsible for and oversees the entire team of property management personnel, making sure all the operations of the company run smoothly. She also works hard to ensure that everyone involved in the real estate sector, from owners to tenants, follows the guidelines set by the Landlord Tenant Act and all HUD regulations. Lisa has a degree in Para-Legal and has been working in the real estate industry for over 20 years, along with her extensive experience in bookkeeping and building a successful real estate and property management company from the ground up has really set her apart from other real estate professionals. As a previous military spouse, Lisa has gone through a lot of military transfers over the course of her career, which has no doubt helped strengthen her organizational skills and determination to succeed. She is an incredibly organized, detail-oriented individual who knows how to get the job done efficiently and effectively. With her excellent problem-solving skills and sharp mind, Lisa has been a great advocate to the real estate industry and has helped the company reach new heights. If you need someone you can count on to get the job done, Lisa is your go-to-person.